Benifits From the KET Scholarship Written Test

We take utmost care in designing the question paper for this test so that it meets the standards of many other competitive examinations. The syllabus give emphasis to areas of logical reasoning and general awareness in addition to their normal class books. Thus we test a student of their knowledge other than what they see in classrooms thereby giving them a first hand experience of many examinations they may face during the course of their career.

In addition to this test being the preliminary part for getting KET Scholarship , the written test is considered as a basis for many other awards and activities of KET.

Awards Based on the Written Test :

1. Sh. Tombi Singh and Sh. Madhumati Devi Meritorious Award (more details can be found at Other awards section.)

Activities based on the Written Test:

1. Coaching Class (more detail can be found Here)