What We Do?

KET Scholarship Exam

     It is an annual test at the level of VIII standard. As a part of motivation and encouragement we give a small financial help to the young talents based on their merit on KET entrance exam. The KET exam is to give awareness to the students about the competitive exams so as to prepare well in advance to face this competitive world.

Annual Function

     This is an annual program for giving away prizes and formal get together for parents, students and KET members. We also take chance to invite all notable personalities in the Society thus making a conscious effort to make transparency of our work and progress.


Free Summer Coaching

     As of now we have introduced regular free summer coaching for the students who are part of our KET scholarship test. These intend to improve their respective academics and personality at large. We provide all the basic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social science, English etc. keeping in mind their necessity. We also conduct the English speaking courses by giving importance for the need of language at present. Lately we have been concentrating on the computer literacy, which is going successfully. This forms a part of our effort to develop overall personality of the students. We hope to spread our programs to all the prospective students in the society by extending programs in winter too.

Study material for the basic computer education is available from the Downloads Section.


Felicitation of Young Achievers

     This is for the young achievers who succeeded in achieving in their respective fields with flying colors. We acknowledge their efforts and hard work and we are proud to give recognition for their deeds. Also we would like to make a platform to share their experiences and journeys for the benefit aspiring students.


Career Counseling

     We guide young students for the future to achieve their desired field of career choice. Our input form a chance for them to explore own talents and potential at the maximum. By identifying their needs and plans we provide the information best suited for growth. We also plan to provide articles on various career aspects and trends from time to time.


Other Planned Activities

These are the time to time activities needed for the students for overall development.

   1. Confidence building and personality development workshops.

   2. Stress buster camps for examination facing students.

   3. Career building and enhancement programs for higher level studies.

   4. Interactive, knowledge sharing and skill brushing summer/winter camps.

   5. Educational tours to the private and public firms, institutions and organizations.

   6. Practical oriented projects.

   7. Time management and assertiveness skill training.

   8. Competitive exams, seminars and meets.

   9. Special programs for economically backward, physically and mentally disadvantaged students.