Kakching Educational Trust

"Knowledge, Information and Self Sustaining"


In a society, one finds many of the talents are lying undiscovered and there is misuse of one’s potential. The main cause is the lack of information in right time and proper guidance to young minds. A proper guidance and motivation is highly required to the upcoming generations with right information on right time which will help them to explore and sharpen the hidden talents and potentials. This would help to make a more competent individual and contribute partly to uplift the society. Here comes a common platform to share knowledge for effective use of one's talents and maximum utilization of potential. With such motives, and visible Aims and Objectives, Kakching Educational Trust (KET), a non‐profitable educational trust was established and came into existence.

About us

About us

We are a group of like-minded people who strongly felt that, guiding the upcoming generation with the right information and motivation would help to explore and sharpen the hidden talent and potential. And feel that there is a need of a common platform to share knowledge for effective use of talents and maximum utilization of potential.


Our vision

KET believes that there is no better option than Educational initiative to contribute to uplift the Society. Proper guidance and sufficient information will lead to a better education and a brighter future for an individual. We understand, choosing a right career path at early stage of formal education is  the first step towards a successful career. Thus the maximum information about the career trends and fields would help to explore their areas of interest, strength, weakness and capability to achieve desired field.

There is always lack of information to the needy people in terms of financial as well as career development knowledge. Our small step for the love of people will amend the breach among the younger generation.

Aims & objectives

Aims & Objectives

  1. Sharing knowledge and information to bring the individuals to the world trend.
  2. Building up a positive competitive environment among the young minds.
  3. Supporting among ourselves to be self productive.

We would like to extend our hearty gratitude to our generous donors, sponsors and solacers for the selfless interest that you have extended for better tomorrow of our young minds. And we hope that this alliance continues further. Your generous support enables us to achieve our "Aims & Objective" and reach out the opportunities to our needy people.